Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us choose music for a wedding ceremony?

Of course! We have performed for numerous weddings and can help advise on popular pieces as well as some that are off the beaten path. We'll be sure to make it a very special event.

Do you perform music besides Classical?

Yes! We can play pop, jazz, rock, hymns and holiday music alongside the traditional classical and wedding repertoire.

I want to request a piece that is not on your repertoire list. Can you play it?

Yes, we can make an arrangement of a favorite piece for an additional fee. Keep in mind that not all songs will sound the same or work well with a string quartet, but we're happy to offer advice on ways we can incorporate a favorite.

How will you dress?

We try to dress in keeping with the event. Typically, that means formal black or dark attire.
If your event is casual, we can accommodate that too.

Do you play outdoor events?

Yes, we do perform outdoors. However, due to the fragile nature of our instruments, we do so with some discretion.
If you are planning an outdoor event, contact us for more details on ways to accommodate the quartet.

My event is not being held locally. Is there a fee for traveling?

Yes, there is an additional fee for events outside of our 25 mile radius. Contact us for more details.

What instruments are in a string quartet?

A string quartet has four instruments: two violins, a viola and a violoncello ('cello' for short).